You don't need to develop your potential, it is already in you!

Hi, I’m Dr. Ruben, Zone14™ founder, a counter-culture community partnering with entrepreneurial leaders, teams, and organizations who move the human race forward. 


One of my main drivers for creating ZONE14™ is witnessing the wave of ongoing messages we receive that leads us to believe we are never enough.

No matter how many A’s we earn, trophies we win, clubs we belong to, diplomas we acquire, money we make, etc, it seems like there is always something else we need to do to be worthy of respect.

It is time for an alternative to the model of excellence based on "winning at all cost." This outdated model has and continues to lead us further into darkness.

It is time for a new normal, a model of excellence based on well-being at all cost!

Zone 14™ is a learning community dedicated to that mission and doing it in a tolerant, inclusive, and purposeful way.

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It is not about the American obsession with winning at any cost, which has killed so many spirits and diminished so many lives. It's about the life-giving journey toward claiming the birthright called 'selfhood' and growing into wholeness... if you are interested - and all us of should be - in growing into your full potential and supporting others to do the same, Zone14 is for you.

~ Parker Palmer,  author of Let Your Life Speak, The Courage to Teach and A Hidden Wholeness.


Right Here Right Now Program

momentum2 Sessions plus Individualized Support

Grow your understanding, expand your perspective, and gain clarity of direction around a particular challenge, question or opportunity in your life. Unlock greater depth of potential for increased momentum short-term.

Seven Roots of Potential Consulting Program

Zone14 reserves this service for a maximum of two clients per year.

For entrepreneurially minded high-impact  leaders who realize they must develop themselves to increase the scope of their influence where it matters most to them and their vision.

Zone14 Speaking Event

Dr. Ruben's signature speaking program for events wanting to unlock potential in humanity, support greater collective growth and increase leadership capacity within current market, cultural and personal opportunities.

Zone14™: An excellence driven by development for impact. 

From his years of experience as an athlete, artist, scholar, parent, and high-performance leadership advisor, Dr. Ruben shares personal stories for being able to 'go for what you want' without having to kill your spirit or diminish others along the way.

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"Dr. Ruben shows how true excellence is not just about results, but is a process that is intimately connected with developing character, confidence, and joy as well."

– James Baraz, Coauthor of Awakening Joy and co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center.


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