What allows elite athletes to sustain focus in the face of struggle and challenge?

Hi, I’m Dr. Ruben, I am the founder of Zone14, a community focused on raising healthy high achieving young athletes.

Zone14’s members are either parents, sport coaches and/or leaders in academies or institutions training high achieving young athletes.

The reason I am growing Zone14 is that more often than not, high achieving youth in sports are living in a crazy "pressure cooker" world that ends up burning them out, diminishing their natural enthusiasm, and sending them into the next phases of their lives with low confidence and anxious about reaching for their aspirations.

For the parent, coach, sports academy leader and young athlete themselves, Zone14's priority is to provide guidance and support so the young athlete learns to consistently adjust their actions to accomplish the goals that matter most to them.

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Ruben Perczek

Dr. Ruben offers a view of how to partner with each other so our lives and the lives of our youth can grow and embody the tremendous potential we all carry physically, emotionally and spiritually

~ Wendy Palmer

Zone14: The winning game plan for coaches, parents, and educators guiding youth to thrive

From his years of experience as an athlete, artist, scholar, & leadership advisor, Dr. Ruben Perczek presents a strong case for Achieving Success without Losing Yourself.

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"Written with humility and surprising honesty, I found it compelling. I could not put it down!"

– Coach Bill Curry, SEC & ACC Football Coach of the Year


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