Want in the moment support
to gain clarity and direction
on a challenge you are facing?

The RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW COACHING meets you directly where you are at and is a short and effective way to get unstuck or create the clarity needed to move forward in the right direction.

Right Here Right Now Program is for you if:

  • Current dynamics are calling you to create short-term clarity to continue gaining traction in an area that’s a priority for you.
  • You are stuck in a particular way of seeing a challenge and want to expand your perspective to see more options than the ones you currently perceive you have.
  • You have been a client of mine and want to work with me short-term to support you with an ‘in-the-moment challenge’ to gain insight.
  • You want to engage in a longer consulting program with me but want to try it out first before we make a longer commitment.
  • You want clarity on how to focus your development as a leader.

How the Right Here Right Now Coaching works:

Once you book your coaching, you'll receive an initial questionnaire to help you and I prepare for your first coaching call.  Then we will have a 90-minute meeting over zoom or skype to go in-depth into your need. After your first session, you’ll receive a written document of the key matters we discussed and 1-2 short-term individualized recommendations to help you move in the right direction.

At the end of our call, we will schedule our follow up 30 min call, to be had within the week following our initial session. Then, when we have our 30-minute follow-up call, you will bring specific questions for me to support you to continue moving forward in the right direction for you.

The Right Here Right Now coaching includes:

Book My Program:

  • Reflective written strategic questions to prepare and focus us for our initial conversation.
  • 90-minute conversation
  • Summary of the highlights from our initial conversation.
  • Instructions for 1-2 custom-tailored recommendations.
  • 30-Minute follow-up call.

Book your RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW Coaching through the following link. I look forward to supporting you!
All coaching sessions take place over Skype/Zoom.