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Raising excellence in our youth requires raising excellence in our selves. This is different than what we as adults learned from our own parents and educators. It is no longer a one-directional process but one that requires us to steer the journey while we learn it ourselves.

Through our webinars, I (Dr. Ruben) open the discussion of the challenge/opportunity we have as parents and educators, the key factors that are likely to determine success, and answers questions posed by participants.

My hope here is to share my understanding with you, contribute to your own awareness of what you want to prioritize with your own children in your families or organizations, and help society diminish its tendency to perpetuate an outdated model of excellence that ends up. killing the innate bithright potential of our youth and humanity.

Look forward to being with many of you in the webinar of your choice.

Blessings, Dr. Ruben!

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This will eventually creates an archive. Thank you for joining me in the early versions of this online experience. I'm grateful for the chance to connect with you and others who are committed to raising our thriving youth.