Webinar Series

You're invited to join the Zone 14 community webinars via Zoom


Form your own understanding and perspective on the matter, share it with others and empower yourself to flourish in your own terms.

Through our webinars, we co-create the opportunity to be in service to what most matters to us, growing the awareness that influences and impacts each other and the larger whole.

My hope here is that this community will help us diminish our tendency to burn out and default to seeking standards that are not ours, but pushed onto us by the iconic idea of wealth as the primary measure of hard work and is standard of respect

This pattern has also killed so much of our innate gifts.

Though we have little control of the larger socioeconomic and cultural infrastructures we live in, we still own the responsibility to create what most matters to us.

Growing further into our own voice, and taking small and consistent steps to build our capacity to live the life that lets us truly shine is what will matter at the end of our journey.

Let’s go for it together!

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This will eventually create an archive. Thank you for joining me in the early versions of this online experience. I'm grateful for the chance to connect with you and others who are committed to supporting our raising thriving youth.