Dr. Ruben is the mentor we all long to have in our lives. 

Richard Miller, President, Integrative Restoration Institute and Author of iRest Meditation and The iRest Program for Healing. 


"Organizations are mirror reflections of the people who lead them" -- Dr. Ruben

Practically anyone is able to acquire knowledge and learn new skills. However, not anyone is capable of making a positive and lasting impact on someone else's life.

For organizations, it is not different. Practically any organization can teach their employees new skills and make them more competent. However, only a few organizations are able to develop leaders and cultivate leadership cultures that influence positive and sustainable change in society.

Zone14 partners with organizations to develop leaders and/or cultivate leadership cultures that stimulate and inspire lasting positive impact within the social fabric of the communities they serve.

  • Clear exercise of internal leadership
  • Internal behavior is consistent with desired impact
  • Depth of relational network
  • Strengthened functional clarity and alignment
  • Dignify the people you serve
  • Increase organizational impact


Simply put, we value the integrity of the relationship (measured by positive energy shared) above the size of the commercial opportunity.

While we respect and value organizations that exist primarily to increase their market share and internal profit, we reserve our choice to work with organizations whose missions prioritize moving humanity forward through an inclusive and socially responsible mission.

We partner with organizations to help them promote a learning culture that can leverage human potential to foster health and well-being in society.

Unlike acquiring knowledge, new skills, and competencies, fostering well-being in others requires people to be insightful about themselves and the people they serve (in addition to their function/behavior), as well as grit-full, to cultivate collaboration and positive impact in the midst of difficult challenges (having the ability to let go of defensive reactivity).


Our primary methodology is The 7 Roots of Potential™, which emerged through Dr. Ruben's 30+ years of studying and practicing at the forefront of human potential for impact driven purposes.

The 7 Roots of Potential™ are the foundation of all the work we do and intellectual property exclusive to Dr. Ruben and Zone14™. Through it, the organization becomes a learning community working as it own best teacher and resource.

The 7 Roots of Potential™ developmental emphasis and approach integrates developmental theory, learning theory, integral theory, somatic or non-verbal intelligence, evolutionary psychology, and his depth of experience in the formation of identity in systems committed to the well-being of our world.

Having received scientific training in the evaluation as well as the whole spectrum of abnormal, normal, and extraordinary human behavior, Dr. Ruben strategically emphasizes measurement in all initiatives (to guide design, adapt implementation along the way, and measure ROI throughout and after interventions).

Depending on the size and complexity of the initiatives we choose to work with, when appropriate we are able to collaborate with a hand-chosen few of the most highly skilled coaches and consultants in the world in the area of building and creating lasting and impactful systemic change in organizations and society.

To guide the development of leaders and align it with the outcomes desired by the organization, we also emphasize the use of the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF), a framework that has been tested rigorously since 1966,  validated across many cultures and populations, and regarded as the most reliable and cost-effective stage developmental measure of adult development as a whole.

Dr. Ruben learned about the LMF from training he originally did back in the early 2,000's with Dr. Susann Cook-Greuter and Beena Sharma from The Vertical Development Academy (VeDA).

From the LMF emerges VeDA's Maturity Profile, the MAP, which integrates Dr. Cook-Greuter's extensive research in adult development and provides a definitive map of growth in the life of an adult, revealing essential details about leadership growth potential.

We integrate the MAP framework with our own 7 Roots of Potential™ framework to inform and guide all individual, team, and organization-wide people/culture development strategies.


Whether we are working with individuals, teams or the whole organization, we are able to customize each program to include Leadership Strategy Development, Culture Strategy Development, Individual and/or team Leadership Coaching, Offsite Retreats, The 7 Roots of Potential Leadership Assessment, and Trainings on the 7 Roots of Potential through workshops and seminars.

Dr. Ruben coaches us to revitalize our coaching. He inspires to up our game by embracing the complex humanity that we share with those we serve.

Don Hoffman, Cognitive Scientist and Author of Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See

7 Roots of Potential (Wall)

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"Dr. Ruben is the mentor we all long to have in our lives." Ruben is a thought-provoking, inspiring coach. His natural ability to connect allowed us to have trust-inspired conversations to reach a state of insightful determinations, actions and decisions to better ourselves and the business. His leadership and expertise are evident.

Isaias Sucre Sousa, Director Human Resources Business Partner, Emerging Markets  - Latin America.