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How to achieve at extraordinary levels while staying confident, healthy, and joyful, Carole Pertofsky

By Ruben Perczek | February 5, 2019

Today my guest is Carole Pertofsky, who specializes in positive psychology, well-being, and resilience. She co-developed and taught Stanford’s first course on the psychology of happiness, and she teaches courses on the art and science of compassion. She also leads seminars and consults professionally. She received an MEd from UC Berkeley. On this podcast, our…

Living The Life That Feels Right For You w/ Spiritual Teacher Richard Miller

By Ruben Perczek | January 3, 2019

Today we have on researcher, yogic scholar and spiritual teacher Richard Miller. We talk about the importance of habits and unconscious conditioning. You’ll want to tune in because these small actions compound to either cripple us or bring us to the life we were meant to live. This Episode’s Learnings Openness to learning is essential…

The Secret is Out, Learning How We Learn is In w/ Scientist and Teacher Paul Bulakowski

By Ruben Perczek | February 27, 2018

Today, our guest is entrepreneur, scientist and teacher Paul Bulakowski. Paul and I share the mystery of the relationship between our minds and our brains, how important it is to our learning and our capacity to steer our actions in the direction we most desire. You’ll want to tune in because becoming aware of how…

Olympian Brittany Viola On Being Honest with Yourself

By Ruben Perczek | December 5, 2017

We have Olympic diver Brittany Viola on to talk with us about how curiosity, self-inquiry and the love of learning lead her from elite levels in gymnastics to going to the London Olympics for diving. Quotes “It’s a lot easier to receive who you are from other people than to discover who you are.” “The…


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