Empower highly driven socially conscious change-makers (individuals, teams, and organizations)
to thrive in their causes as resilient and courageous leaders. 

I am excited you are here! Helping you to flourish in our complex world is my whole focus because if we hope to affect positive change in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, knowledge is not enough.

First and foremost, the most important element of all social change projects is the people in them. The reason is that if the people in the projects are acting in alignment with who they are (their core values), then the evolution of their projects are more likely to effectively lead them toward desired outcomes.

Also, two important dynamics arise when we act in alignment with our deepest values. One is our strength for carrying out our projects grows exponentially. The other one is that we increase the attraction of like-minded people who resonate with what we are doing, thus facilitating flow, collaboration, and increased inspiration toward creating what we want.

We call our special breed of social entrepreneurs, our community and the clients we serve, socially conscious change-makers. The 'social' piece refers to being aware of what is happening in our social environment and the conscious refers to being aware that the positive change we are seeking happens from the inside out.

In other words, as we evolve our own selves individually and collectively, so do our projects.

Social conscious change-makers are inspired to live and function in a collaborative way. Competition is not part of our value system. While we all have our individual projects, we work in a supportive environment, reinforcing each other and our common goals for doing our best work.

As we evolve our selves and our capacity for positive change-making, we are able to empower each other to facilitate positive impact-making. Taking personal responsibility for our own evolution and pairing it with a like-minded community of collaborative people, allows us and our projects to adapt for the greatest impact.

Co-creating positive impact in society requires the capacity to live in integrity with our own selves and to then infuse this integrity through our projects. As we align our integrity from the inside out, we become increasingly resilient, collaborative, and able to take courageous action for positive sustainable impact.

With the above context in mind then, all the work I do as myself and as Zone14 is focused on empowering socially conscious change and impact makers to develop the capacity to be resilient, collaborative and take courageous action to facilitate the impact they live for.

Let me take you back to the mid- 80’s, when I was just entering my 20’s.

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That’s when I consciously decided to end my career as a pro tennis player.

I felt lost since I had built my core identity as a tennis player since I was 6 years old.

A few years later, after working my way up as a performing artist and theatre producer, I declined an offer to be represented by one of the most prestigious agencies in show business.

At the time, my girlfriend asked me a question I would never forget.


She said, "Ruben, I don’t understand it. You worked so hard to get to this point, re-built your life after pro tennis, and now you declined what many would consider a lifetime opportunity. What are you committed to?"


Though at the time I was angry and defensive because I wasn’t sure what to answer or why I had declined that offer, I instinctively knew I was seeking something more meaningful to me.

I had left my family, my friends, my country when I turned 15 to pursue the dream of playing pro tennis. I had contracts with major sports brands, played Davis Cup in front of a crowd of 10,000 fans, competed at Wimbledon and the French Open, produced shows with Broadway and Actor’s Studio stars, performed improv with academy award winners, and even had a role on prime TV.

It was, by all external standards, very exciting.

But as I laid flat on my simple yet authentic Japanese futon, the day after completing 9 months of producing and acting in the west coast production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, I could still hear Martini's hallucinations in my head (the character I was playing in the show).

I was by myself. His hallucinations, a bit of light coming in through the windows facing the streets of L.A., and my amazement that Martini's voice was still living in me even though I was no longer performing.

It was at that very moment that I realized that we have the power to evolve our identity. This was significant because it meant that my identity, my sense of self, was not dependent on what I did (my external image). Instead, my identity depended on the quality of my relationship with my own self. WOW!

This is why I turned down the offer from that very prestigious agency.

My true interest wasn’t to become an entertainer.
My true purpose was different.
What was I committed to?


I re-entered formal education, specifically focusing on the mind-body connection, its role in the transformation of our identity, and its impact on our capacity to be resilient and flourish long-term.

The challenge was that there is no one single field of study that could inform my learning.

No single major, no single training, and no single mentor. No single path!

Oops, what was I getting involved in?

The journey of realizing the essence of who we are is perhaps the greatest transformative path a human being can experience. It requires us to cultivate the capacity to be present to our inner experience as it naturally unfolds.

While developing our capacity to be present with ourselves as we are is deeply rewarding but also very challenging. I know because I've been immersed in this practice for over 33 years now.

After receiving a doctorate and obtaining my license as a clinical psychologist, I worked as a clinician,  academic professor, and facilitator of stress reduction and well-being workshops for a number of years.

But I didn’t want to be inside statistical analysis, theoretical research, and clinical practice for the rest of my life.

While at my practice as a professor of medicine and clinician I had an epiphany!

I was mostly serving business leaders in high pressured positions struggling with their health and relationships BUT realized I had become uniquely suited to support highly driven individuals who were working for a cause bigger than themselves.


I left the security of academic scholarship and clinical practice almost 2 decades ago.

This is when I started my own business.

Throughout these last 2 decades, I’ve partnered with amazing individuals, teams, and organizations all over the world, supporting them to thrive in their impact-driven causes as resilient and courageous leaders.

Throughout these years, I’ve worked in the private, non-profit and public sectors, through my own firm but also collaborating with global consulting firms on exciting projects with the potential to positively impact thousands of people and their communities.

My role has been to empower and guide highly driven change and impact makers to develop the capacity for achieving maximum benefit for the people, organizations, and communities they serve.

What I mean by highly driven is people who are relentlessly committed to continuous improvement and growth, are willing to fail countless of times, work for possibilities that others might consider impossible, those who are willing to take risks and partner with each other and the unknown because their cause is bigger than their fears, egos, comfort, and image.


In 2015, I changed the name of my company from Ruben Perczek, Inc to Zone14 Inc. The reason is that sports have played a significant role in shaping who I am, particularly the game of Futbol or soccer as it is called in the US. Sports scientists in England identified a "golden square" on the Futbol pitch through which the best teams in the world score most goals.

This key area, named Zone14, does not exist close to the mouth of the goal or even the penalty box. It extends well beyond the outside of these areas and it is known for sourcing the best capacity of the team to co-create the ultimate result: the goal.

Also, as I was evolving my own capacity to offer my very best, my own methodology for doing this work naturally emerged to support this unique breed of positive impact entrepreneurs.

In my experience and my personal journey, I've noticed many people who work to create lasting positive change and impact have a major blindspot.

They get so focused on helping others that they forget about themselves.

That creates a major downfall.

If you fail to serve your self, you won’t be able to deliver!

Yes, this is a paradox!

If you want to do good for others, you must start at home, to live, work and evolve in integrity with your own self and in collaboration with your communities.

What We Offer...

INDIVIDUALIZED COACHING from myself for high performing impact-driven entrepreneurs, to help them be the best of themselves for the causes they live and work for…

TEAM COACHING from myself to support high performing leadership teams to work as a team, integrate their developmental and functional focus, and generate meaningful results...

CONSULTING FOR ORGANIZATIONS from myself and our world-class sector & subject-matter experts for organizations that must continually exercise internal leadership and align their people, programs, and strategy to succeed in their projects…

KEYNOTES AND PUBLIC EVENTS by me to inspire and deepen the commitment of people everywhere to source their own capacity and flourish for the benefit of their communities...

THE DIG DEEP SHOW PODCAST where you learn from influencers on their experience drawing their strength, courage, and resilience for creating good in the world …

PLUS DR. RUBEN YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND BLOG ARTICLES to help you to become your own best guru and get your business moving in the right direction…

• Start at home

• Stand at the feet of your own life and listen

• Discover and rediscover your true power

• Be your own best teacher

• Build resilience and courage in you, your team, and your organization…

• Live the best of you for a legacy that will live long after you are here…



Kathy Hunter

"Dr. Ruben Perczek shows us that it is still possible to observe with intensity, use language that inspires, and listen fully and completely. Through these mediums he creates the pre-requisite conditions that move people and their organizations, with grace and grit, toward achieving their highest ideals and truest purpose.

Kathy Hunter,
Transformation & Engagement Specialist, Health Canada - Government of Canada


A timeline of Ruben Perczek's life

Dr. Ruben Perczek Biography

Early Years

Dr. Ruben Perczek was born in Cali, Colombia. Both of his parents survived the persecution and massacre of Jews in Europe and were fortunate to escape, find a place to settle in Colombia and start over. He was born as the third and youngest boy of three brothers.

Soon after Dr. Ruben’s birth, his father suffered a stroke which left him paralyzed, speech deprived, and emotionally labile.

In the practice of hitting a tennis ball against a wall, Dr. Ruben found a way to cope with the turmoil that was concealed within his home’s walls.

In his early teens, Dr. Ruben became a top ranked junior tennis player in the International Tennis Federation.

Before his sixteenth birthday, Dr. Ruben moved on his own from Colombia to California to pursue the path toward professional tennis. The fact that he didn’t know English and knew no one in the US didn’t stop him from pursuing his life’s path.

Pro Athlete & Theater Producer

In his first year at the University of California at Irvine, his team reached a top ten ranking in Div. I Tennis. As soon as he realized however that his best friend Alvaro Jordan was turning pro, his interest in college changed. His college career came to a halt when he turned pro after his junior year. Soon after turning pro, his dream of playing Davis Cup for Colombia with Alvaro came true.

At age 21, after only 18 months of playing the pro circuit, his drive and determination for pro tennis shriveled up, largely due to lacking family emotional support for a sports career as well as lacking the funds to build the foundation of a world-class team.

Up to that point, Dr. Ruben’s whole identity was as a tennis player. Now that he didn’t have the game of tennis to determine who he was, he began digging deeper and discovered his love for the arts. It was then that he founded a theatre production company with two other known artists in the industry. One of their productions in Los Angeles was One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest with some of the original Broadway cast.

While re-building his identity through the process of character development in theatre, Dr. Ruben discovered that with enough repetition, the human brain is susceptible to believing any story we tell it. In other words, the human brain is unable to distinguish between the reality we imagine and the reality we experience externally.

That realization was so inspiring to him that he decided to deeply study the nature of the human experience from both the physical and mental perspectives.


He spent the following 10 years rigorously investigating human identity through the lens of the mind-body connection and collaborative approaches for the greater good of society.

Dr. Ruben went on to earn two bachelor degrees, one in Political Science and the other in Psychology. In his undergraduate work he was deeply influenced by Thomas Parham, Vice Chancellor at UC Irvine and past president of the National Association of Black Psychologists and by world-renowned Cognitive Scientist and author Don Hoffman.

Dr. Ruben went on to earn his masters and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami, his internship at the Palo Alto Veterans Health Care Administration and his post-doctoral fellowship from Stanford University School of Medicine.

In the early part of the 2,000’s, Dr. Ruben served as an assistant professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, a clinician through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and a community facilitator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practices. His private clinical practice gave him the opportunity to work with business and public leaders.

Impact-Driven Entrepreneur

In 2002, he founded his own coaching and consulting firm, focused on guiding the development of high performing leaders and leadership cultures in small to medium organizations.

His work was carried out worldwide with special focus in the Americas and Europe. One of his initial clients was Ricoh Latin America, who hired him to help them create greater alignment and collaboration across 11 countries.

Between 2004 and 2007, Dr. Ruben partnered with Oxford Leadership Academy, growing his and their competence for aligning business with culture strategy for the private and public sectors.

He has been featured as an international conference speaker since 2004.

From 2009 to 2012, Dr. Ruben expanded his leadership consulting and coaching to the niche that shaped him in his early years, elite sports.

His work as a high-performance leadership advisor includes consulting as the High-Performance Director for the University of Miami Department of Athletics, where he directed and oversaw the development of more than 300 elite athletes, 16 teams and their respective coaching staffs.

His service as a strategic high-performance advisor has led Dr. Ruben to guide and coach senior leaders in organizations, like adidas Latin America and North America, supporting the Latin American senior team to establish a coaching culture across the top three leadership levels of the company.

Zone 14

Rooted in his mission to support others to 'go for it' and dedicate their lives to what most matters to them, The Zone 14™ Community vision was born in 2015.

His lifelong passion for discovering the conditions that help people flourish has led him to recognize that when we learn to stop and look in the right direction, we become able to tap the potential that is unique to each of us. In contrast, when we become obsessed with winning at all cost, our spirit tends to shrivel and die off.

Through Zone14™, Dr. Ruben is dedicating his life’s work to support high achievers live their unique extraordinary lives and in the process inspire others to do the same, growing commitment and collaboration toward wholeness in our planet.


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