MY MISSION - Support high performing change leaders (their teams and organizations) to thrive in their causes being resilient and courageous. 


What stands in the way of creating maximum impact? 

* Misuse of your energy

* Failing to take care of your most important instrument (your self and your team)

* Lack of prioritization of projects based on the highest strategic impact.

I am passionate to work with people who are committed to serving the greater good of humanity by contributing through impact that makes our world kinder, provides a greater opportunity to vulnerable populations, and improves quality of life for everyone.

I have invested my life learning how human beings can bring the best of themselves forward for a purpose bigger than themselves.

My interest in learning how to bring the best of people forward started almost immediately after I was born.

My father had a massive stroke in the first two years of my life. The stroke left has of his body paralyzed, not only physically but also emotionally. The people who knew him well prior to the stroke (my mother for example), say that he became a different person after the stroke.

What was clear to me is that he was a deeply frustrated person who couldn't control his emotions. While he appeared angry on the outside, I believe he was deeply fearful in the inside. His fear showed up through an outside artificial image of an aggressive person. He would often scream in unpredictable and illogical ways.

I grew up constantly being startled and watching him startle others every day of his life. I learned to maintain my outside composure as if everything was fine, but inside I knew that the person that he showed up as was not the person who he was.

As I became I have cared about helping people recover their true selves since I was a kid.

My parents and grandparents on both sides escaped persecution of jews in Europe and had to leave all they knew to sure and start over again.

Also, I grew up with a father who suffered a stroke when I was born. His accident led him to become emotionally unpredictable and his behavior turned controlling, demanding, manipulative, fear-driven. He would lose his cool and scream at people for no reason. This behavior was also present in our home so I grew up anticipating and fearing his explosions and for the most part, observing how others would be startled, and in essence observing how people can hide in fear of being punished and squashed. It made me deeply sad but I always thought it could be reversed.

Because of those I have always had a desire to help others bring back their true selves, work through their fears, and develop their capacity for living a kind, supportive and courageous life in the midst of adversity and pressure.

From an early age, I chose competitive sports as my way of releasing tension from home, be playful and free to express who I truly was. It was a ticket out of my internal tension and prison.

Its members value the journey more than the achievements, quality more than quantity, care deeply about human beings and the quality of human connection, welcome humor & playfulness, are open to learning, have the integrity to speak their truth, and consider well-being non-negotiable.

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"I once heard someone say it is so much easier to smile than it is to frown, but I could not understand why so many people were frowning?

Our society often teaches us to "soldier on" and keep a 'stiff upper lip' rather than reach out for help.

That "hamster wheel", once in motion, is so difficult to exit.

Thank you, Dr. Ruben, for bringing this to the forefront so all of us can be aware of the potential that we possess for happiness!

-- Shelley Booker, actress & writer.

About Me

I believe we are a possibility that has the potential to evolve rather than a problem that needs to be fixed.

I stand for the possibility each human being holds, including my own. Instinctively, I have stood for this throughout my life.

When I was first learning to go for what matters to me, I used to rush, thinking that it was a race. With experience, I realized that the more I rushed, the more difficult it would become.

So I learned to value showing up at my own pace and being present in reality. This has allowed me to accept and have clarity of the lessons I need to learn in order to move closer to what’s important to me.

In essence, it has allowed me to grow in gratitude, humility, and integrity with myself, others and life itself.

So I stand for being real. This means being transparent and straight forward as I know this is both helpful to me and others.

Unfortunately, in our world, it has become common to think of status as the gold standard of success. So it has driven us to adopt a pattern that for the most part does not reinforce being original, honoring our unique gifts.

My view is that the pattern of seeking status to determine our level of success has produced more harm than good. It is the origin of the deepest conflicts we are experiencing as humanity.

We must learn to listen to our own selves, acknowledge our experience, and speak into our own truths.

The model of excellence we live in and have for many years is one based on role models that don't speak to the majority of our humanity. For most people, breaking world-records in sports, singing to thousands of people in packed arenas, jumping off high mountain peaks at 100 miles an hour, or being a being presidents of I want to honor all those human beings before us who stood for an inclusive excellence and had the courage to call others to live in integrity to improve our world (e.g., Maya Angelou, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Mohamed Ali, Rumi, unknown protester in Tiananmen Square, Rosa Parks, Steve Jobs, and of course the many who courageous beings whose life legacies speak for themselves).

"You are only going to be here for a short while. Don't waste your precious life by speaking someone else's words and engaging in actions that have little or no meaning to you." - Dr. Ruben

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A timeline of Ruben Perczek's life

Dr. Ruben Perczek Biography

Early Years

Dr. Ruben Perczek was born in Cali, Colombia. Both of his parents survived the persecution and massacre of Jews in Europe and were fortunate to escape, find a place to settle in Colombia and start over. He was born as the third and youngest boy of three brothers.

Soon after Dr. Ruben’s birth, his father suffered a stroke which left him paralyzed, speech deprived, and emotionally labile.

In the practice of hitting a tennis ball against a wall, Dr. Ruben found a way to cope with the turmoil that was concealed within his home’s walls.

In his early teens, Dr. Ruben became a top ranked junior tennis player in the International Tennis Federation.

Before his sixteenth birthday, Dr. Ruben moved on his own from Colombia to California to pursue the path toward professional tennis. The fact that he didn’t know English and knew no one in the US didn’t stop him from pursuing his life’s path.

Pro Athlete & Theater Producer

In his first year at the University of California at Irvine, his team reached a top ten ranking in Div. I Tennis. As soon as he realized however that his best friend Alvaro Jordan was turning pro, his interest in college changed. His college career came to a halt when he turned pro after his junior year. Soon after turning pro, his dream of playing Davis Cup for Colombia with Alvaro came true.

At age 21, after only 18 months of playing the pro circuit, his drive and determination for pro tennis shriveled up, largely due to lacking family emotional support for a sports career as well as lacking the funds to build the foundation of a world-class team.

Up to that point, Dr. Ruben’s whole identity was as a tennis player. Now that he didn’t have the game of tennis to determine who he was, he began digging deeper and discovered his love for the arts. It was then that he founded a theatre production company with two other known artists in the industry. One of their productions in Los Angeles was One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest with some of the original Broadway cast.

While re-building his identity through the process of character development in theatre, Dr. Ruben discovered that with enough repetition, the human brain is susceptible to believing any story we tell it. In other words, the human brain is unable to distinguish between the reality we imagine and the reality we experience externally.

That realization was so inspiring to him that he decided to deeply study the nature of the human experience from both the physical and mental perspectives.


He spent the following 10 years rigorously investigating human identity through the lens of the mind-body connection and collaborative approaches for the greater good of society.

Dr. Ruben went on to earn two bachelor degrees, one in Political Science and the other in Psychology. In his undergraduate work he was deeply influenced by Thomas Parham, Vice Chancellor at UC Irvine and past president of the National Association of Black Psychologists and by world-renowned Cognitive Scientist and author Don Hoffman.

Dr. Ruben went on to earn his masters and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami, his internship at the Palo Alto Veterans Health Care Administration and his post-doctoral fellowship from Stanford University School of Medicine.

In the early part of the 2,000’s, Dr. Ruben served as an assistant professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, a clinician through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and a community facilitator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practices. His private clinical practice gave him the opportunity to work with business and public leaders.

Impact-Driven Entrepreneur

In 2002, he founded his own coaching and consulting firm, focused on guiding the development of high performing leaders and leadership cultures in small to medium organizations.

His work was carried out worldwide with special focus in the Americas and Europe. One of his initial clients was Ricoh Latin America, who hired him to help them create greater alignment and collaboration across 11 countries.

Between 2004 and 2007, Dr. Ruben partnered with Oxford Leadership Academy, growing his and their competence for aligning business with culture strategy for the private and public sectors.

He has been featured as an international conference speaker since 2004.

From 2009 to 2012, Dr. Ruben expanded his leadership consulting and coaching to the niche that shaped him in his early years, elite sports.

His work as a high-performance leadership advisor includes consulting as the High-Performance Director for the University of Miami Department of Athletics, where he directed and oversaw the development of more than 300 elite athletes, 16 teams and their respective coaching staffs.

His service as a strategic high-performance advisor has led Dr. Ruben to guide and coach senior leaders in organizations, like adidas Latin America and North America, supporting the Latin American senior team to establish a coaching culture across the top three leadership levels of the company.

Zone 14

Rooted in his mission to support others to 'go for it' and dedicate their lives to what most matters to them, The Zone 14™ Community vision was born in 2015.

His lifelong passion for discovering the conditions that help people flourish has led him to recognize that when we learn to stop and look in the right direction, we become able to tap the potential that is unique to each of us. In contrast, when we become obsessed with winning at all cost, our spirit tends to shrivel and die off.

Through Zone14™, Dr. Ruben is dedicating his life’s work to support high achievers live their unique extraordinary lives and in the process inspire others to do the same, growing commitment and collaboration toward wholeness in our planet.

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